What do men really prefer Bigger or Thicker?

A big girl with fashion sense

She’s a big girl that carries it very well

Most men are attracted to thicker women that carry themselves with pride

Monique is a perfect example aof a highly fashionable Big girl

Not really a Big girl but Thicker than your average girl

Fashionable and cute this thick girl is wearing it well

Do guys like thick to chubby girls? Or  do guys just like those skinney media sense beautiful girls? Or do they like thick real women that have cuves and alittle extra fat? Alot of women have asked these same exact questions and below are some true answers ladies from real responces taken from:

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Dallas, TX says Love em’ thick!!  

Mesquite, TX
28, joined Aug. 2011
Umm good question. I like both but to a sense. Skinny with a nice chest is great but thick thighs are also a huge plus!!

Irving, TX
27, joined Jun. 2011
Rarely have I even been attracted to skinny women – despite popular societal belief, there is such a thing as too skinny.

As a proud a** man and just believe a woman should have enough to hold on too!!  So here’s my question to Dragon 1025 is this enough to hold onto my friend? Get back at me, I’d love to here your response.

Why do guys like big beautiful women? not gros fat but just big, what’s the deal

Posted in the Kingsville Forum

Now this woman that asked this question must be a skinny ass woman huh? 

whats the deal

Padre Island Ntl Seashor, TX


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Judge it!



May 10, 2011
any comments, I am trying to understand this. I just lost the guy I was dating. I am in shape and I think I am pretty but this is twice that I notice that a guy I date (not boyfriend) always ends up with a beautiful big woman instead of a woman like me. I am starting to wonder if the women just feel better in bed even if they don’t look better out of it. She is a nice looking lady but come on. what is it that men find so attactive? I stopped seeing him a few months back but just saw them at walmart.

Damn I was right about that one, but check out all the confusion going on here… lmfao!!


Carrollton, TX


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Judge it!



May 11, 2011
See I’m just the opposite, what is it that guys see in a big woman, I’m a big woman Iwork at Lowe’s and I’m not the most beautiful like u would see there at Lowe’s but I do see tht most of the skinny beautiful women have the nice looking men, when I catch myself looking at men, they are usually skinny, pretty and they are a guys dream… but a big girl like myself, what the heck would he want with a big woman… I find myself longing to be thin again just to find a skinny or a medium built guy, that will want a woman who is skinny and in shape like him, is it me or is most of Kingsville just shallow, and none of the men here worth it….

All I can say is this is really a good topic. Bigger Or Thicker fellas?

OMG I was surfing and I found this question Ehy do BLACK guyslike Fat girls? And this is what some people said in response.

Why do black guys like fat girls?
Posted by: saveusthehardbodies ()
Date: September 16, 2011 01:26AM

same reason they don’t enjoy sushi.

fat girls know their way around a frier and a waffle iron.
ROFLMFAO!!! 🙂 Yo now dats funny as shyt!!!
Another person answered,
 Why do black guys like fat girls?
Posted by: love em big ()
Date: September 16, 2011 05:22AM
our mommas are fat.
But in all actuality I don’t like fat girls and I’m a black male. I prefer a bigger ass but I’m happy with the ass that my woman has because I love her for who she is and that’s all that matters.
So what’s it gonna be fellas, BIGGER


But who can be the judge of when big is too damn big?


So in my next article I will be asking the question…

Tits Or Ass, What type of man would you consider you are? And ladies I’d like to hear your responses also. I’d like to know what type of man do you think your man is. A Tiddy man Or an Ass man and how do you know.

This is your favovorite Celebrity Dirt blogger from Facebook signing off saying in conclusion Bigger/Thicker it really doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable with who you are and what you’ve got. There’s somebody out here in this world for everybody so be patient if you haven’t found that special somebody for you yet.

Paparazzi Pj


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