Super Lame to the game Stevie J pulls a Britney Spears and Oopps he does it again

Ain’t this bout a bytch Tamie Grant now. What’s this like Baby Moma # 13 or something?

Stevie J is expecting a baby with Tammie Grant; they just received the news.

Stevie and Tammie have known each other for a while and recently began seeing each other. Tammie Grant was married to NBA player Gary Grant and is now divorced. The pregnancy was planned between Stevie and Tammie as well of talks of marriage. The couple will keep the details of their relationship private due to the current situation and controversy but are thrilled with the news.

And uh Bossip, there was no need to rephrase your definition of this clown, super lame  is absolutely One Hundred and Twenty Five percent politically correct!

Oh shit this pussy aint nothing special check this out she already got a ready made army of 5 maybe 6 chill-ren n shyt


Well at least Joseline cracked back on Stevie J  by saying in a radio interview that she has more balls than Stevie J… And that Stevie needed to grow some freaking balls!!!

But on the contrary the radio announcer was like… A yo Joseline, that might be a little to much TMI for him with those rumors of her being a man and all swirling around… LMFAO

A yo Im just saying… If this is a boy, Then that’s one phat ass boy got dammit Joseline, where’d you get your surgery done at sweet heart?





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