Rated Cheater # 1

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toll free at 877-867-8327 (info@thecheatercatchers.com) when you retain Metro Investigative Services to resolve your domestic infidelity situation. While we are a “full service” detective agency, our specialty is Divorce work. We are a fully licensed firm with nearly 20 years of investigative experience in Maryland (including Eastern Shore), Metropolitan Baltimore/Washington,  Virginia and New Hampshire. Competent investigations are just the main part of the Metro Investigative Services solution. When using us you get:

  • 24/7 timely response from a live person via your choice of phone or email, not by an answering machine, or voice mail.
  • State of the art investigate tools, including GPS tracking and cell phone number tracing.
  • Free, confidential consultation on your case.
  • Total discretion and confidentiality.
  • Compassion and understanding at what often is a stressful  and emotionally trying time.

Our Mission Statement

At Metro Investigative Services we are dedicated to servicing our clients’ needs discreetly and professionally. We are committed to “going the extra mile” to attain our clients’ objectives as efficiently and expeditiously as possible. We will “be there” for our clients from the moment we are retained until the completion of their case, including any and all court hearings that may be required.

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