Lil Scrappy Dubbed “A Jealous Bitch” (@paparazzipj says Well Got Damn Yo)

Hollywood Street King: Lil Scrappy Dubbed “A Jealous Bitch” and Joseline Goes in on Him!!!

Lil Scrappy Dubbed “A Jealous Bitch” (@paparazzipj says Well Got Damn Yo)

HSK Exclusive – Lil’ Scrappy didn’t hold anything back when he recently took to Atlanta’s radio airwaves, lashing out at the the former stripper who’s fighting to tear apart Stevie J and Mimi’s relationship.


During a recent Power 105.1 ‘The Breakfast Club’ broadcast, listeners heard the rapper refer to Joseline Hernandez as a man. Don’t believe me.. Ask Charlamagne Tha God,

Here’s what Scrappy had to say about Joseline Hernandez:

“Joseline is a man, (I don’t know about that 1 Scrap Dog, have you seen the recent pics my dude) she’s a ‘it’…I saw Joseline pumping iron at the gym….like a man.” (There’s plenty of buff ass ho’s out there Scrap Dog, Namean)

After hearing Lil Scrappy’s radio announcement about Joseline, I immediately reached out to her.

Here’s what Joseline had to say:

“I remember when Scrappy used to sell nickel and dime bags. (Come on shuga everybody done been there & done that one baby you gotta come better than that sweetie) The nerve of that guy. Scrappy used to come by my club and trick off his baby’s money on me. (Now that’s some juice that the king of dirt can use right there… Continue baby girl)

Scrappy is a nobody, he’s using my name to stay relevant. (WOOOOOW!!!) That Nicca don’t even got a passport. He’s not international, Scrappy never left America.

Damn!!! Scrappy used to come in the club with Diamond to trick money off on me. Scrappy is a fucking liar, all his jewelry is fake.

When I go to the gym, all I do is cardio and squats. That Nicca Scrappy is jealous of Stevie J. He’s mad cause I’m with Stevie J. Scrappy is jealous bitch.(Now that I’ve put that on blast be sure to check out ya boy @paparazzipj on twitter and on Facebook to keep up with the self proclaimed King Of Celebrity Dirt… PEACE OUT BEYOTCHEZ!!!)

Lil Scrappy Dubbed “A Jealous Bitch”

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