Niggas Ain’t Shyt!

This is some bullshyt right here with a capitol “B”  you hear me… My name is Bootay Love and I’ve been nick named that because of my big ole booty Ok, but anyway I’m here because I gottah tell y’all about these aint shyt ass niggas now days you hear me? Real rap… Im a down ass bytch and I rides for me and mines but shorty dont try to play me for no suck or no lame as bytch ya hear me or I will put your weak ass game all ova da net for real. Come at me with some class Ok. I respect you so respect me flat out or ya ass will get fried.

So anyways Im chillaxin on Facebook you know posting some hot ass pics of some of my favorite girls -n- shyt when I decide to go thru my messages to see whats going on with my dudes when I see this message below:

  • So do u ever have boob fuck

    Now I don’t even know ole boy from Adam or Eve feel me and dis nigga got ah nerve to come out his mouth sideways like dat to me… Oh hell naw shorty I dont even know your Ash-E ass like dat for real my nigga!

    Then I hit the niggas page and find out that he from get this,

    Went to Falcon AcademyLives in Addis Ababa, EthiopiaMale

    The fagot ass nigga had these as his profile pics:


    I mean like for real you little ass boy! Grow the fuck up, I bet you still play with wrestling dolls making them hump each other n shyt. LMFAO 

    Little boy Im a real ass bytch and a grown ass woman not a little girl so if you gonna say grown ass man shyt out your mouth at least have a grown ass profile page you little young ass punk! 

    OMG before I go here’s the best one of them all:

      Where the fuck they do that at? LLS!!!!!!

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