Sheneka Adams P.S. We luv you

Sheneka Adams should be on my shit list but I have decided to keep her on my Instagrammy Celebrity Sex Pot listing. Now I know your saying yo Pj wtf did she do to you. Dont worry, she was just having a diva moment y’all. She called me out of my name on facebook, but then she deleted her comment after I replied to her comment. Just that action alone showed me that she just got caught up in the moment. So Sheneka I forgive you. Today is your day baby. I want the entire world to know why I loves me some Sheneka Adams. People see for yourself and tell me that this aint one of the finest girls next door that you wouldnt mind finding out just how freaky she really is. Hey Pamela Anderson did it so why not one of our own. Hey Sheneka, this ones just for you. I love you girl. This is all about appreciating your work.


From the bottom of my heart to the tip of my johnson… Everytime I look at these pictures my  blood rushes to one particular part of my body and I become filled with excitement.


Sheneka Adams is the bomb diggety, SHOWNUFF!!!

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