Fact or Fiction, Celebrity Illuminati is there truth to this myth?

Here’s something to think about. I found this picture extremely interesting. Do you think that this picture and the acronym holds substance?


Who Is The Illuminati?

The Illuminati does not refer to one group alone. It refers to several different groups in its speech. It is a name for several groups that are said to have mystical powers and the ability, or thought ability, to control the universe. The way in which this group is said to work is through both perceived and mystical powers that are said to have control over the universe. They are said to control world events and have the ability to determine outcomes.
The original group was named the Bavarian Illuminati and they were said to be part of the Enlightenment period. A secret society, this group was said to be founded on May 1 of the year 1776. Though the origination is not really known, or the actual legitimacy can be confusing, the Illuminati is said to still be in existence today. They are believed, whether true or not, to control many events in the current world.
They are thought to be the mastermind behind many different occurrences. They are said to be conspiratorial in nature, involving members of governments and large corporations, working toward a New World Order in which they become the ones involved behind the scenes in controlling popularity and in controlling events.

Why The Confusion?

There may be questions regarding Illuminati and the connection between this cult and several celebrities because of several factors. First, there has been the idea that certain celebsr rise in popularity could not possibly be based on their talent alone. Instead, some must have had help in this process. 
Further more some speculated celebs have been photographed with several tattoos placed on their bodies that critics and skeptics used as ammunition to say that they are infact part of the illuminati. Included in these tattoos are cryptic ones and those involving crosses. Regardless of whether they were placed in order to state that they are part of the illuminati or not, these tattoos are fuel for a fire already burning.

Below are some pictures of some celebrities that are rumored to be active members of Illuminati. Now I’m not saying that this is complete truth to this speculation, but it is definitely worth wondering about.

Now this one struck me hard. Kirk Franklin, come on dude. If you think Im bs you google it yourself. 

This organization like many of our more popular gangs use hand signs as a form of communicating to one another. 


So what do you think about this tattoo?

This is just the beginning of my little behind the scenes look at Illuminati. I look forward to hearing from those interested fans/followers that might be able to add input.

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