Shaved or Nappy? What do women prefer…Pubic hairs

Blogging on a serious note.

Sexual Experts Wanted

Me being a woman that prefers to keep a clean shaven kitty down there I tend to lean towards having my sexual partner bald down there also whether it be a man or a woman, depending on how I’m feeling at that moment. I know that back in the 70’s and 80’s having alot of hair down there was the thing to do, but as we got closer to the new millennium times began to change along with fashion and hair styles. Having a clean private area became more popular than having a birds nest. I grabbed some comments from a question and answer poll on and these folks had me cracking up.

Ding Dong: I like it when vaginal area is totally bald. I actually prefered it waxed or lasered. Definately no pubic hair at all.

I will never give oral to ladies with bush, grass, tree, bean…

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