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People like me wanna know what you feel about different subjects and topics dealing with life, love, relationships and sexuality. As the cycle of life continues to evolve we are faced with many different situations. The most important thing to remember is no matter what we go through individually we all need some where or some one to turn to at some point in time. This is the reason I created “People like me wanna know” because some people want to know but are afraid to ask. Here you never have to worry about things like that. I’ll ask all the hard questions and do my best to find the most efficient answers.

So, people like me want to know if there really is a compatibility chart for the zodiac in the stars?

Cancer Position

Sex by Zodiac Signs – Your Compatibility Compass

For as long as flowers blossom and trees begin budding with the lengthening of days, romances – seasonally, temporary and the real deal- usually have a tendency to bud and blossom in the Spring as well. Astrology seems to play a big part in whether things are simpatico. There’s a reason why astrological signs have inspired artists from Beyonce to Tyrese to write songs about it. I’m also willing to bet that at least one night at a club you’ve thrown up your hands and shouted out your response when Fatman Scoop asks “What’s your Zodiac Sign” over the thumping of Faith’s Love Like This. Everyone wants to feel like their love was written in the stars. We’ll show you what works best for spring flings, authentic love connections, and who you’d be better off staying just friends with before you become potential enemies. If you’re the stubborn type *cough* Taurus *cough* and find yourself regretting your commitment to someone on your Friend Zone list, and are desperately looking for the EXIT sign, we’ve got you covered on damage control with tips on how to rid yourself of your astrological accident. Here’s our Spring Compatibility Compass.

CAPRICORN: Authority through Accomplishment

Women: She can be hard to figure out and may appear reserved and aloof even if she fancies you. She must be sure it’s the real thing before falling for you. Once she’s sure, you have yourself a loyal woman. She’s the epitome of all or nothing. If you show her she made the mistake of choosing the wrong partner, you will find the mistake was yours. She doesn’t forgive or forget. Revenge will be hers and her waiting period for retaliation has no expiration date. She’s fiercely independent even when in a committed relationship. Don’t take it personal. For the long haul she needs all her needs satisfied. While she will participate in foreplay, it needn’t take long. She goes from zero to sixty in seconds.  She may not be too impulsive about sex and variations may not be her forte, but you won’t complain because her tried and true will stay truly gratifying. Frequency is also going to be big for her so bring your stamina, every time. Her will to lead makes its way into the bedroom and can lead to some lusty sadistic behavior. Don’t be surprised if she wants to do the spanking!

Men: Persistent. That may be the best way to describe him. He’s not deterred by your dismissiveness. He will just make a plan to wear you down and make you see things from his point of view. You’ll be glad you did. Though his focus on the sexual act, often times more than his focus on his partner gets him a rap for being a chauvinist, do not mistake his intent. He’s extremely sensual and passionate. He’s faithful as soon as long he knows you’re committed. He hates wasting time, so teasing him and acting coy will get you ignored. He’s sort of a homebody who would rather spend the days enjoying his catch behind closed doors, rather than standing around chatting at a party. He expects you to learn him on a physical level and will not tolerate laziness. He’s intuitive and can sense what you like so you won’t have to say a word.

List of Flings: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

List of Partners: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Don’t Waste your Time: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Position to Appeal to them: The Capricorn Crisscross is excellent for deep penetration and a very tight fight. You begin with him in the kneeling position and her legs draped over his shoulders. Once you become acclimated to the position, she can pull her legs in up toward her chin crossing them at the calves.

Tips to Win them: They’re family oriented. While they may appreciate rare wine, or out-of-print books, to appeal to their exclusive sense of taste, if that splurging spills into something they can enjoy with family you’re set. On a small scale you could do some investigating to find out what food their family is into and serve it up with a recipe courtesy of Google, or for the really domestically challenged- order up a great dessert from said category. On a larger scale instead of grabbing two seats to an event, get an additional one or two for a sibling or best friend to join in. Your target will be impressed and a person from their inner circle will likely become an advocate for your pairing up.

How to Shake ‘Em: Call them boring, criticize them. Make them or their family the butt of all your jokes. Be unpredictable. Soon, you can predict that Capricorn will be gone for good.

AQUARIUS: Discovery through Experimentation

Women: They are by no stretch of the imagination what you would call a prude, but trying to rush her or treat her like a one-night stand will turn her off and shut you down. She is indecisive and unconventional, but it adds to her charm. She needs a partner who makes her feel like a woman. Their love sees no boundaries, so stepping outside of their race or religion is not uncommon. She loves beautiful things, including your body so your time in the gym won’t be under appreciated by her. Don’t forget to return the favor when it comes to adulation; She drinks that stuff up. She has frivolous spending habits and most of it is focused on her. But don’t expect her to site self-indulging as a shortcoming. She feels she deserves the finer things. She’s very social and is unafraid to take on a “man’s role” both in and out of the bedroom. Foreplay is essential for her as she’s slow to warm up. But once she’s hot, be ready! She’ll try anything once, and do it with such a twist you’ll wonder if it was really the first time. Variations are her specialty as she’s very innovative. She is willing to do anything to please her partner, sometimes to a fault. Nothing is out of the question, so explore, explore, explore!

Men: If he doesn’t connect with you mentally, you can forget about it moving to the physical realm. Not a fan of tradition or domination, it would be to your detriment to put him in a box. He won’t adhere to your rules, but rather his own that are deeply rooted in independence. If he has chosen to settle down with you, you will find he has great communication skills and is very kind. As long as you’re trusting, he will be loyal. Not unlike the women who fall under this sign, he’s slow to start. In fact, you may say foreplay is mandatory. Expect to try every position known to man and animal, as well as some things that are Aquarian secret inventions. Experimental and unconventional, boredom will not be an issue.

List of Flings: Leo, Scorpio, Pisces

List of Partners: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Don’t Waste your Time: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn

Position to Appeal to them: The calves of an Aquarius are ultra-sensitive. The Water Bearer Darer gives you an all access pass to this erogenous zone for her. She should lie down on her side and have him kneel next to her on the bed facing toward her. Your bodies will be perpendicular. He slides the knee that’s closest to her between her legs to penetrate. She will take her leg that’s on top and extend it out, giving him  the chance to hold on to her hips as he thrusts. For this lover of variety and a deeper penetration bonus, switch to the girl propping herself up on one elbow, lifting the upper leg and outstretching the lower one. The guy then straddles the leg on the bed. Depending on her level of flexibility she may find it more comfortable not to prop herself up or to drape her top leg over his shoulder.   

Tips to Win them: Be bold, go beyond interesting. You have to be titillating. When courting them you must choose something thought provoking and as unconventional as them. Some form of the arts like a trip to a museum or extraordinary exhibition that incites stimulating conversation will be a big hit.

How to Shake ‘Em: Refuse to go out complaining that it costs too much. Actually find any excuse to be especially frugal. Make them feel that any advice they give you is in vain. Attempt to force them into conformity. Soon the box you tried to put them in will be filled with their belongings and they’ll ship off for good.

PISCES: The Mystic

Women: Especially intuitive it would be futile to attempt to maintain a facade. She can and will see through you. She’s unusually sympathetic and sensitive because Pisces are so perceptive. The concept of seduction to manipulate a situation in their favor was surely created by a Pisces woman, for they are experts at this.  They can be quite the tease, but as a self preservation tactic they opt to lure and settle down with men who make them feel safe, while quietly yearning for a more aggressive mate. This sign of two fish swimming in opposite directions not so surprisingly has an oppositional more risqué side. She is sexually free and accommodating; ask and the answer is usually an emphatic yes! It is rumored that the Pisces woman is the most likely to accept backdoor play. Role play and S&M typically aren’t out of the question either. Enthusiasm and her innate ability to be so insightful means she will take your fantasies and enhance them to Broadway show level. Lights, camera, and Plenty of action.

Men: The only thing you can predict with a Pisces male, is that he will be unpredictable. Always seeing the best in people, especially those he loves, he will put you on a pedestal. Because he’s so terribly indecisive his decisions will often appear paradoxical. He will expect you to be as flexible and malleable as he. He’s far too easily swayed to be on the loyal end of the spectrum. Monogamy is all but out of the question. Try as they might, sooner or later the current will consistently persuade that fish to go swimming in someone else’s pond. While you have him he will shower you-as he does himself- in gifts and all the finer things that life has to offer. He’s sexually adventurous and is usually quite fond of toe sucking. While he is eager to assume either role in a S&M equation, his preference is that of the masochist.

List of Flings: Libra, Aquarius Pisces, Taurus

List of Partners: Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

Don’t Waste your Time: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius

Position to Appeal to them: Pisces Pleaser: this intimate position is optimum for a close secure feeling. it’s easy to get in some sensual kissing – a Pisces favorite – and the closeness has another benefit too: clitoral stimulation.

Tips to Win them: Let them enlighten you on a subject they are well versed in. They happen to be particularly fascinated with paranormal things. Even if you’re not a believer, head out for a psychic reading in your city. It will be fun, and open things up for great discussion after. Pisces thrives on great conversation.

How to Shake ‘Em: Become unappreciative and no longer find value in their principles. With their constant need for reassurance, if you make Pisces feel like they don’t exist, they’ll show you what it’s like if they didn’t with a Grand Exit out of your life. 

ARIES: Learning Courage and Strength of Will

Women: Often complicated to understand because she’s terribly impulsive. She won’t have patience for you if you can’t keep up with her spontaneity. She is charming but temperamental. You must be able to handle her mood swings. She’s quick to judge, and blatantly honest. If you’re thin-skinned, stay away! She’s quite domineering and will insist her opinions become yours. But if you can handle this ram’s take charge energy and match her efforts, you will be rewarded.  If she loves you, expect plenty of romance. They are playful and enjoy being active. Often preferring to highlight her natural beauty, expect minimal make-up. She’d rather get on with having a good time. That’s not to say she doesn’t expect compliments on what she’s been blessed with. Flattery will get you everywhere with her. Like any good lover she is enthusiastic. She is spontaneous and subtlety is not her strength. Expect some of that aggressive personality to spill into the boudoir. She will strip you and herself in the blink of an eye. For a wildly animalistic experience, Aries is your woman. While your sexual escapade with her is hardly forgettable, she will leave plenty marks as a reminder all the same. Bites, clawing, and passion marks are not uncommon. Boredom in the bedroom is foreign to this woman.

Men: Unconventional and passionate, your time with an Aries male is not one you’d soon forget. Similar to females born under this sign he’s energetic, impractical, and a bit anxious. But it is these things that make him so charismatic because he’s so inventive and unpredictable. Aries men in particular have a jealous streak. They require one hundred percent of you, even if they are not fully reciprocating. If they want you they expect instant gratification both in and out of the bedroom. If he asks you out, no saying maybe. If he wants you in the bed, he’ll snatch the clothes right off of you. Teasing is lost on this guy. Whatever explicit things you may have suggested from a tipsy text, to phone sex, to whispering in his ear just before you get into the act, he expects follow through. As we all are, he is a work in progress. This is especially true in regards to the Aries male pertaining to compassion and compromising. Sexually, he is often inclined to inflict pain, and his partner’s opposition isn’t always met with acceptance. It’s important to remember that he isn’t indifferent about his partner’s feelings, but he finds sexual gratification in your surrender. They are sexual zealots and expect your full participation when it comes to exploration. Regarding financial matters, he may find himself fortunate enough to purchase anything his heart desires. Unfortunately he may do just that. He associates large purchases as a sign of dominance and the biggest sign of success. If you can see through his initial facade, your pay off will be an affectionate and loyal partner.

List of Flings: Aries, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn

List of Partners: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

Don’t Waste your Time: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio

Position to Appeal to them: The Ram: With the pillows there it creates spacial constraints making it instantly more aggressive. Either can dominate, she can thrust backward or he can take charge. A satin pillowcase to adorn the top pillow will also make for great sensation on the Aries sensitive to texture skin. I wouldn’t suggest satin for all of the pillows as they will slide out from one another.

Tips to Win them: A willingness to be the more submissive partner is key. Aries respects your intellect and your ability to enlighten them so don’t mistake submissiveness as laziness or weakness. Because they love to be active a great date might be rock climbing, tennis, or basketball. Anything to get the blood pumping.

How to Shake ‘Em: Become the aggressor. Be a homebody, but not a homebody in the mood for sex. Remember they are pretty intolerant of your opposition to their sexual needs. Turn them away, and they will go away… for good.

TAURUS: Peace and Inner Security 

Women: Vulnerable to a fault she has a tendency to become jealous and possessive. Infidelity to her is simply unforgivable. Highly emotional she may throw a tantrum if she doesn’t get what she wants. But you can expect her to bring that fiery energy between the sheets. Irresistibly seductive, if she wants you she will summon you with body language you cannot refuse. This woman is well versed in the art of seduction. She will appeal to all five of your senses. It’s part of the routine of setting the mood. The Taurus female has a nearly insatiable appetite so frequency will not be an issue, variety on the other hand may be. If she trusts you, you may get her to explore a bit, but for the most part she’s decided how she wants to do things, and isn’t necessarily interested in deviating from that. While she has an appreciation for luxury, she is sensible. In matters of the heart she is practical as well, favoring a tangible catch over some celebrity crush. She’s not into PDA, she’d prefer to be a doting partner at home.

Men: Arguably the most stubborn of the zodiac, you won’t mind if his sights are set on you. Passionately tenacious, if he wants you he will be diligent in his efforts to get you. While has a propensity to appear frugal, he is not. He’s just a practical spender and a saver. He will splurge on his partner for special occasions in a very thoughtful way. For him ambiance is key, he wants the best setting, with the perfect music, with the highest quality of food and beverage. He has great taste, so compliments to you if he took interest. If you’ve landed an intellectual you’ve got quite the trifecta as they tend to naturally have good common sense and street smarts. His discernment makes him slow to anger, but if you’ve ignited that fire expect an explosion. You may merely suggest to a Tauren, it is pointless to demand because he’s so extremely obstinate. As an observer you don’t need to articulate your needs to him, he will execute without provocation. Sexual diversity isn’t his thing so I would move right along if you’re looking to explore all your options. On the bright side, what he has chosen as part of his repertoire he has perfected. He prefers sensual love making to savage animal sex. It would be a disservice not to acknowledge his endurance because he. can. go!

List of Flings: Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius

List of Partners: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Pisces

Don’t Waste your Time: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius

Position to Appeal to them: Titillating Taurus: Create a romantic ambiance with dimmed lights, soft music playing, and silk sheets. Your efforts to create an intimate atmosphere will make Taurus delighted. If all this seems a bit cheesy to you, role play may be a good compromise to introduce them to new things as they may feel more free under the guise of pretending to be someone else. This position is a great variant to typical missionary because you have all the benefits of the face-to-face closeness but having your legs up makes for really deep penetration too.

Tips to Win them: Appeal to their detail for all things lush and their strict spending nature by suggesting a 5 star restaurant with 3 star prices. That may take some investigating, sites like Groupon and Living Social could help you in that department.  Mention that you’ve wanted to go to this place after hearing it was fantastic and couldn’t resist cashing in on such a great deal. Other signs may find that cheap, Taurus will appreciate your great taste as well as your good financial sense.

How to Shake ‘Em: Attempt being as stubborn as them. Find any excuse to be social and insist they tag along. Spend frivolously. Soon this bull will go charging elsewhere.

GEMINI: Curiosity and Open-mindedness 

Women: Extremely multifaceted she is the chameleon of the zodiac. Charismatic and witty, she is often the life of the party. She will sincerely and empathetically listen to and work to solve any problems you may have, but do not look to her for advice on the same subject again. As far as she’s concerned she’s solved that problem and has moved on to the next. She’s quite intellectual but is also impulsive causing her to act on temporary feelings and emotions versus logic. She is exquisitely attuned to the world around her. Despite this advantage, she’s often unstable, or too preoccupied with trivialities to be truly happy in a relationship. She is frequently emotionally detached. The free-spirited twin finds it troublesome to be tied down in love, work, and life in general. She finds difficulty in attaining contentment. The only thing you can be certain of is that she detests monotony. If you cannot meet her intellectual standards she will not be bothered with you. If you meet her criteria, you’ll be hugely gratified by her enchanting charm. Start by appealing to this twin’s duality by being both the calm and the storm: romantic yet practical, confident but humble. Gemini lives on the tightrope that is the fine line between all oxymoron’s and is impressed if you can balance there with her. Uninterested in your opinion of her she will set out to satisfy her sexual curiosity and imagination however she pleases. She is said to have sex the most often of any female of the zodiac in an attempt to satisfy her own inquisitive desires. Lucky is the mate she’s chosen to experiment and explore with.

Men: Very clever and captivating articulate women typically flock to him like a moth to a flame. He has an enthusiastic zest for life that overflows into all aspects of his life from the office to the bedroom. In the workplace he can struggle with follow through if he isn’t disciplined enough, but not in the bedroom. Bored by routine and fueled by a mission to fulfill his own inquiries he treats each session like a scientific experiment. He’ll want the lights on and mirrors strategically placed so he can effectively survey the experience. The Gemini male views everything as circumstantial and of the moment. Don’t expect something he told you a few weeks ago to necessarily remain true to him later. He meant what he said when said it specifically pertaining to you. This has earned him accusations of hypocrisy but he isn’t insincere, just misunderstood. With his social attitude you can bet that he knows where the party is, the best food is, that he’s full of networking connections, and can introduce you to all the new things happening in your area along with some secret old gems. In all the confusion of the twin’s duality you may be puzzled as to how to figure this guy out. Most times it’s a struggle he’s still in the progress of working on. Since he’s on a never ending quest to figure that out, leave it to him and focus on all the fun to be had with this unpredictable character.

List of Flings: Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio,

List of Partners: Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Don’t Waste your Time: Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces

Position to Appeal to them: Twin Tangle: Since Gemini doesn’t need intimacy for each encounter, this spin on doggy style that  provides a super tight fit is perfect. You can choose slow deep strokes, or quick shallow ones. This position is also prime for finger interlocking. With hands being one of Gemini’s erogenous zones you’ll want to include that. If you choose rougher penetration, be gentler with your touch of the hands and playing in the hair and vice-verse. This will appeal to the twins duality. You’ll probably want to start in the traditional doggy style position to achieve penetration, then switch to you both lying down with her legs in between his. She can cross her legs for a tight fit that is sure to create a euphoric orgasm.

Tips to Win them: It’s not uncommon for people to make an instant connection that is soaked in a sense of lifelong familiarity with Gemini. To separate yourself from what is an all too common occurrence for them – leaving you easily dispensable, appeal to their unyielding curiosity and imagination. Unconventional exhibits and a surprise date to a place they’ve never been or that’s unlike any place they’ve ever been will score you some points.

How to Shake ‘Em: Be intolerant of differences. Have a trite demeanor. Be boring and stop all conversation. If you do engage in conversation, keep cutting them off. Soon they’ll want to be cut off from you for good.

CANCER: Heart and Inner Life

Women: Sensitive. Any critique can seem like an especially scathing remark to her though she may not verbalize it. Her heart has noted any wounds to it as an indelible memory until it can have its vindication. She has a connection with history and likes to show it with a display of a collection of antiques or old portraits or paintings in her home. This appeals to her sense of continuity. She likes a strong sense of security in life and love. In a partner she expects stability and you will need to court her romantically. She will be passionate and faithful once she’s yours. Whoever coined the phrase “Ride or Die” was probably referring to a Cancer woman. Her loyalty seems to know no bounds. Her devoted nature and desire to please her partner make her one of the most satisfying sexual partners of the zodiac. She has to know that she can trust you before she will let go of her inhibitions. Doting on her partner is not limited to the bedroom. She loves to, and can cook well and keeps a tidy home making her an excellent housewife if she so chooses. If you are in search of a sensual, loving partner who makes you feel at home Cancer is your answer.

Men: Particularly fond of being in the company of gorgeous women, but not “Barbies,” as it’s beauty AND brains he craves to converse with. One might argue who doesn’t want that? While that may be true, the difference here is these beautiful, smart conversationalists are very attracted to him as well. Once they’ve chosen a mate, it can be difficult for her as he typically withdraws as opposed to verbalizing when upset. He also has nearly impossible expectations. His lack of communication does not make it easier to bridge this gap. He has a sophisticated palate and great taste in apparel. His sensitive nostalgic side will stash a few college t-shirts and some pajamas he’s had longer than he can remember tucked away amid the stylish pieces. His eloquent speech is necessary for a man with such strong convictions and he possess a great memory full of facts to back it up. As a born leader his powers of persuasion come in handy often. Fortunately he is also a superb listener with a very empathetic spirit. He is also traditional in regards to his finances: conservative and conventional are the only means of making his wealth. His moodiness fluctuating with the waxing and waning of his ruler the moon, he has an innate ability to take you on his mood swing ride right along with him. If you come on too strong in or out of the boudoir you can send this crab back into his shell. He prefers to be a teacher, and with such a wonderful capability to execute you just ought to let him lead the way. His will to please and that memory-that’s not so great in an argument- come in handy as he recalls anything he’s ever done that aroused you.

List of Flings: Cancer, Leo, Capricorn,

List of Partners: Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Pisces

Don’t Waste your Time: Aries, Gemini, Libra,  Sagittarius, Aquarius

Position to Appeal to them: To cater to Him: Start out wearing a sweet lacy feminine garment to cater to his traditional sense, include a pricey bottle of wine to appeal to their distinguished taste. To cater to her: Blindfold her and incorporate food. Studies have shown Cancers usually prefer lemon, lime, and strawberry. Feeding her chocolate covered strawberries will be a good way to warm her up. Continue the intimacy with the Cancer Canoodle  This position is face to face making it great for deep kissing that Cancers really enjoy. Important note for this position: Make sure your table of choice’s height is just below his groin. A table too high or too low can cause cramps in his legs, Yikes!

Tips to Win them: As an aquatic sign they love water activities. Jet skiing, parasailing, or if they trust you in a secluded enough place, skinny dipping! For indoor romance do something that entices their exquisite sense of taste. A restaurant with rave reviews and melodic music is sure to be a big hit.

How to Shake ‘Em: Cancers need for stability and tenderness are strong. If you are moody, insincere, no longer affectionate and begin critiquing them you can bet this crab will go crawling off to more loving and welcoming spaces.

LEO: Self Expression

Women: She has a great sense of humor and typically a great laugh to go with it. She’ll bait you with some light flirting but that’s about it. After that you’re expected to admire and chase her. Her need to appeal and be highly desired is in direct contradiction to her extremely loyal expectations. She wants to be free to receive her adulation while you should carry her and only her in highest regard. This is not to say she cannot remain faithful, but if you seem ungrateful to have her that is all the reason she needs to attain her praise and just accolades elsewhere. Queen of the jungle she has a tendency to be vain, though she still maintains some modesty as long as the flattery remains fluid. Her highness is also prone to be fond of indulging in all things luxury related. If her pockets aren’t as deep as her lavish disposition she’ll be in financial trouble. Her personality is to be a straight-shooter. She calls it like she sees it and reacts on her instincts. This intuitive approach tends to make her apply those instincts to her sexual desires. You can’t really know what to expect because she”s going to do what she is in the mood for. She prefers to be the dominate partner while your job is to admire and praise her body. Expect to keep the lights on so you can enjoy the view. She’ll be putting on a show every man wants to see.

Men: Flattery will get you everywhere with this lover of admiration. Unfortunately his narcissism can be his kyptonite. When choosing a life partner he can be so blinded by her praise, he’ll forget to detect whether she’s actually a good catch. He will reward his lady with allowing her to enjoy his royal accommodations. Merely sharing the spotlight is a big deal for this scene stealer. He’s a risk taker in love, work, and play making him a valuable asset if he’s on your team. He fancies himself a winner so he gets his kicks by playing competitive sports and hitting the slot machines. His charisma and great sense of humor will have you convinced you’re on a winning streak too- starting with having captured him! If you’re the sexually submissive type you’ve hit the jackpot because this guy loves to take charge. If she can shift her abilities to cater to his vanity to his sexual member, her payoffs will be infinite. Now that’s what I call a win-win.

List of Flings: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius

List of Partners: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius

Don’t Waste your Time: Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus

Position to Appeal to them: The Royal Bluetooth: This position offers a closeness for intimacy, but leaves both parties hands free to do whatever their primal instincts desire. The back is a very sensitive area, and this jungle cat doesn’t mind some scratches. This position is perfect for the glorious dual-orgasm. Her clitoris has direct contact with his pubic bone creating fantastic friction, and if she lifts her feet off the floor just a bit as shown in the image, she can achieve repeated contact with her g-spot. You’ll be well on your way to blended orgasm bliss fit for a monarch.

Tips to Win them: Any form of the arts or a social opportunity for Leo to laugh and let off some steam will be a safe bet. An activity to reaffirm their royal beliefs should never be missed either. A trip to Medieval Times would be pretty entertaining for them.

How to Shake ‘Em: Cease all flattery, criticize them, and become frugal. In fact  stop appealing to their vanity and sense of royalty at all.  Behave selfishly and withhold all empathy from them. Appear bored by their conversation and their sex. Soon enough this royal of the jungle will be on the prowl for a new mate.

VIRGO: Self Examination and Improvement  

Women: Humble and thoughtful the virgin of the zodiac is naturally lady-like. She’s prone to approach things in a cerebral manner that often leads to her to pre-judging those she encounters. She has high expectations for the company she keeps. You must share her conservative and modest attitude. Her confident and energetic techniques are what make her a strong team player on the work force and an equally fierce lover. She has a sixth sense for her partner’s sexual needs. With unusually high standards and a fickle attitude, it is no wonder Virgo women often end up staying single. If you’ve been lucky enough to woo her, you will find her timid and virtuous grace a refreshingly different brand of exciting. While variety may not be her spice of life, you will find her spices are intensified from what you’re used to. She’s the epitome of turning the “same ole, same ole” to “wow what was that?!” If you’re looking for a new spin on an oldie but goodie Virgo has the answer, but expect to work for it.

Men: Like the female born under this sign, he is apt to judge books by their cover and write them off as unworthy fairly quickly. A focused and driven practical thinker the Virgo male always has his eye on the prize. His extremely analytical nature and highly developed instincts make him great at money managing and business decisions. This fine tuned intuition makes him naturally great at choosing loyal friends and partners as well. Health is very important to him so he’s inclined to partake in early morning meditative sessions and putting in weekly hours at the gym. Even in his downtime he’s plotting on his next move, so you can bet he is exercising his mind as well as his body while he’s there. Unfortunately his desire for perfection doesn’t lead him to ponder about how to be a better mate in the romance department. Most likely you’ll have to approach him and then he’ll decide how serious your role will be once you’ve proved what kind of asset you will be to him. He will not be dragging along dead weight for a free ride. Unafraid of an aggressive woman who knows what she wants and is willing to vocalize it, he will incorporate her preferences into his regime. What he lacks in courting capabilities he makes up for in security. He’s fiercely loyal, views stability as a way of life and takes on a paternal-like protective role of those he loves. He may not ignite your loins with passion, but that’s a pretty sweet (and rare) deal. Who said chivalry is dead??

List of Flings: Gemini, Aquarius,

List of Partners: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn

Don’t Waste your Time: Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces

Position to Appeal to them: Virgo the Voyeur: After reading what seems to be a description of a conservative you may be confused by the position selection. This position is the exception to the rule as it appeals to Virgo’s voyeuristic nature. It’s probably easiest to begin in doggy style with you both on the floor. Once you’ve achieved penetration he can stand up lifting her lower body with him, while her forearms remain on the floor. She can wrap her legs around him as some insurance. Or you may just find it easier to rest your arms and head on a bed instead of the floor.

Tips to Win them: Choose an improv show that appeals to Virgo’s admiration for spontaneous wit and shows them you have a sense of humor. Comedy shows are often inexpensive so it also serves as a nod to your sensibility.

How to Shake ‘Em: Don’t cater to their meticulousness and become sloppy. Be frivolous and say inappropriate things and when they chastise you for it, complain that they’re being corny and stuffy. This Virgin will pack up in search of purer pastures for good in no time.

LIBRA: Balance and Harmony

Women: Displaying characteristics of one who is rather pretentious, she could earn the title of being a diva. However, she is so charming that you’ll look past that and fall in love with her graceful demeanor and begin to admire her attention to detail even if she’s being impossibly anal. She’s holding herself to a high standard and won’t quit until all the smallest of details seem perfect. This need for perfection seeps into her romantic life and makes her pretty superficial when choosing a partner. He needs to be the complete package and viewed as such at a glance. She will pass over a good candidate because he wasn’t up to par in the looks department. Whoever coined the phrase that beauty is only skin deep surely wasn’t a Libran. If you meet her criteria you can expect long nights of well thought out pleasure. It is in her lovemaking you will be delighted by her attention to detail. She has an innate ability to have great control over her pelvic floor muscles and enjoys watching her effect from multiple angles. Lights on and mirrors welcome!

Men: He’s fine tuned his intuitions and can see through people with ulterior motives; do not attempt to deceive him. He’s charismatic and an articulate conversationalist. His choice of topics will run the gamut as he’s very well rounded. In order to impress him, you’ll have to be well read on subjects of interest to him. Librans tend to have an interest in various forms of the arts. Balance is huge for this sign of the scales. They will seek a fair resolution and show a willingness to compromise in a situation because justice is very important. While weighing the various options and attempting to appease everyone it can make him vacillate. Having a partner that can be reasonably decisive and concise will be a valuable asset to him. His propensity to weigh all the options will often lead him to have affairs. He can carry on superficial encounters while only truly investing in his partner. He’s also very eager to appease his spouse as long as she’s laid out what it takes to satisfy her. His love for beauty in art and life is shown in his fondness for women who dress well. He pays attention to detail and his intuitiveness transcends work decisions and figuring out new people. He’s well versed in the female anatomy and is prone to let his imagination run wild. His biggest concern is your orgasm. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

List of Flings: Aries, Taurus,  Libra,

List of Partners: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Don’t Waste your Time: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn

Position to Appeal to them: Head to your closest novelty shop and grab some body paint. They have various colors, and some are even edible! Combining Libra’s love of art and the human form will be very appreciated. When foreplay is all done get into the Libra Laid Back Lock Up  It may be difficult to begin in this position so you can begin in traditional girl on top. Hold the small of her back which happens to be a Libran erogenous spot while she leans back. Find a rhythm where he is quasi scooting and she leans back holding on to his leg as leverage for her to push back and thrust into him. *Bonus: for the ladies with your arms up your boobs look super perky and hot. guys: you get a face full of breasts! No one’s losing here.

Tips to Win them: You’ll want to show that you mirror their excellent taste and love of the arts by springing for theater tickets or a concert along with a dinner at a restaurant fit for this epicurean.

How to Shake ‘Em: Invade their privacy; look over their shoulder when they text, inquire in excruciating detail about anything they post on a social networking site. Try to force them into a regimented schedule. Put less effort in taking care of yourself, and things around the home. Critique their spending habits. Your lack of stability will leave this sign of the scales out of balance and send them off to find a more level partner.

SCORPIO: Discovery into the Depth and Intensity of Life

Women: She will not tolerate men who can’t gratify her demanding standards. Love is a serious matter and shouldn’t be treated otherwise as far as she’s concerned. This does not apply solely to romantic love. You can expect prospective friends to be under the same scrutiny most may only subject a potential lover to. It is not an easy task to be a member of her inner circle. You’ll be instantly enamored by her hypnotizing nature if she has chosen you as the one she wants transfixed on her. Once her spell is cast you will find any attempts you have at fighting it are ineffective. She will not be deterred, rerouted, or diverted. She will be tenacious in her pursuit and will stubbornly dig in her heels when met with opposition. But why resist her, she treats her man like a king. She’s an extremist so there’s no grey area with her, and she would view it as a despicable weakness in you. You must be strong in your convictions if she is going to stand by you. She is extremely loyal to and is willing to sacrifice for the ones she loves. Her downfall is her jealousy. If your gaze elsewhere is too long, or you’ve appeared to turn on your charm for someone else you can anticipate her response to be as though you were carrying on a full fledged affair just before her eyes. Her passionate loyalty means she will assume your adoration will be only observed for her. Her dedication to pleasure is infinite. Her attention to detail, experimental nature, and enthusiastic nature is positively sure to please any man who has earned his way into her heart. They haven’t been deemed the sexiest sign of the zodiac for nothing.

Men: If passion were an extreme sport, Scorpio male would be a gold medalist. Like his Scorpion female counterpart, he has no bounds when pursuing a mate. He’s playing for keeps but this isn’t a game. He naturally has an abundance of will power, a fantastic imagination, and an exceptional concentration ability making him successful in the work place and in your bedroom. He is karma personified so if you have been kind to him he will work diligently to return that; if you are unkind expect vengeance threefold. In either he is unrelenting to give back what he has received. Choose wisely what you dish out, mercy and compromise have no emotional connection to him. Regarded as the most extreme sign of the zodiac you’ll want to be sure things are in your favor. His sexual approach is as strong as his demeanor to attain you. An aggressive sadist, he will suck and bite in all the right places and even some unconventional ones. Frequent and furious sex are on the menu with the Scorpio male. You may want to get accustomed to nursing rug and leather burns due to Scorpio’s spontaneous do it anywhere on any surface attitude. If you can handle it rough the Scorpio can surpass all your expectations.

List of Flings: Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius

List of Partners: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces

Don’t Waste your Time: Gemini, Leo, Libra,

Position to Appeal to them: Scorpion Slip-n-Slide: Bring this water sign into the shower and you’re already getting bonus points. Place your hands on the floor (or the side of the tub depending on your flexibility) while he enters and thrusts from behind. Good to know: with water play activities it helps to have lube handy as the cascading water washes away your natural lubricants. The gel variety tends to last longer in water.

Tips to Win them: Homebodies by nature, plan a night in where you can have some stimulating conversation about your favorite authors, musicians, etc. If you prefer to dine out, this water sign is usually fond of seafood.

How to Shake ‘Em: Resist all their sexual suggestions. Be selfish in actions as well as conversation. Intentionally ignite their jealousy, then withhold affection. Be prepared for the explosion that is Scorpio’s temper. When the smoke clears Scorpio will have gone with it.

SAGITTARIUS: Self Discovery

Women: There are plenty of layers and dimensions to this woman. A born risk taker who’d rather trust her instincts than take the advice of others can be her downfall as her intuition isn’t as fine tuned as she believes.  Her enthusiasm and zest for life make her anything but routine. Always ready for an excursion to roam the great outdoors and provide excellent conversation along the way, you’ll be hard pressed to find a woman as exciting as she. She can be blunt and even a bit abrasive when dealing with her partner. Her nature is simply to be an honest straight shooter. She’s also unafraid to be upfront about her feelings. Her best relationships come from friendships. She has a very practical outlook on love which leaves her prone to superficial relationships. With the right mate she falls deeply but it isn’t always represented in her sexual play. She can be a selfish lover who thrives on teasing. She likes to bring you to the brink of pleasure then stop. She will repeat until she’s driven her lover mad with passion or he ejaculates. Whichever comes first.

Men: An eternal romantic optimist he thinks each girl can be “the one.” Unfortunately he’s acommitphobe whose ideal relationship would be a great friendship with sex not being taken so seriously. As far as he’s concerned, it’s a fun activity that can be shared among friends. For this reason he cannot be in a relationship with a jealous woman. She must have a flexible open mind when it comes to sexual matters. He’s a reliable mate who is frank about his desires and expectations. He’s generous with his spending and sex. Frequency is his specialty so look to him for a quickie versus a lengthy love making session. He’ll make up for any short-coming with oral copulation. He likes to experiment and will try anything once.

List of Flings: Scorpio, Sagittarius,

List of Partners: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Aquarius

Don’t Waste your Time: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces

Position to Appeal to them: The Sagittarius Saddle is perfect to access the hips and thighs that happen to be an erogenous zone. The angle of entry is perfect for G-spot stimulation and his hands can reach around for clitoral stimulation as well.

Tips to Win them: Sagittarius loves outdoor activity or something related to the arts that has a spectacular production. Combine the two with tickets to an outdoor concert.

How to Shake ‘Em: Be overbearing and pessimistic. Limit your sexual adventures. Become critical and have a short fuse. It won’t be long before the archer packs up their bow and arrow and is off hunting elsewhere.

Good luck making your cosmic connections!

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